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Let's face it. You are here because you want to invest more successfully. And every investor in today's increasingly competitive marketplace is looking for ways to maximize the potential of the profits they seek. Our business was founded to meet these objectives and since 2008 we've done just that.  Here's what we have learned along the way:

Competition is fierce.

Our transaction volume increased by nearly 30% in 2014 due to skyrocketing  investor demand for investment grade properties. The notoriety of our industry is at an all time high.

Quality is scarce.

Despite competitive market influences, our strict adherence to upholding an investment's integrity causes more than 90% our wholesale properties to sell in 48 hours or less.  

Service adds value. 

Honesty and trust enhance
 relationships. While some rely on us strictly for acquisition opportunities, more than 70% of our investors utilize our vendor referral, consulting or discount brokerage services.

Results matter most.

The performance of the investment trumps all else, and our investors consistently buy again. In fact, more than 86%
of last year's inventory was sold to repeat buyers and their referrals. 

Our value proposition is simple: For beginning investors, the experience and expertise of our staff will make the investment process less intimidating and greatly enhance your chances of profitability, while seasoned investors most commonly appreciate the efficiency with which we present investment opportunities and lend credible insight to potential acquisitions.

Our company's success is defined by the success of those we serve. While we are proud of the track record we possess, our continued growth is dependent on an ability to establish new contacts and foster long-standing relationships. With this in mind, review the information below relating to our processes and procedures. When you are ready to bring your investments into sharper focus, submit an investor profile so that a member or our team may contact you and address your needs in detail. 

Regular contact with a ReQuest Associate ensures your timely access to the deals as they become available. Following a short initial briefing where we identify your investment objectives and craft a strategy, you'll be notified  as opportunities arise.


Identify the Opportunity

Exit Strategy

Planning from Profits

After identifying a property we'll enter into a contract agreement. Due to time constraints that typify our industry, ReQuest sales are strictly AS-IS and provide no inspection contingency. In most cases a $2500 deposit is tendered at contract signing. All contracts are fully binding and deposits are non-refundable unless clear title cannot be conveyed.

Wholesale Process

All transactions conducted by ReQuest are facilitated by a licensed Title Company and are closed with the issuance of title insurance. Financial obligation for closing costs may vary from deal to deal, however, standard closings costs and escrow fees are most often shared between buyer and seller.

Post closing, we support your efforts as needed with several value-added services. You'll find our relationships with contractors and industry-related vendors especially helpful. Because we refer business to these service providers in high volume, you're assured responsiveness and competitive pricing. ReQuest receives no compensation for these referrals.

Down Payment & Contract

Rehab & Restoration

Whether you are planning to resell your property or add it to a rental portfolio, ReQuest provides assistance in a number of ways. From discount listing services to property management referrals, we cost effectively provide you with the exposure and expertise you need.

Often overlooked, each investment should be analyzed upon completion. Revisiting your financial goals or objectives and re-affirming or re-directing your efforts in retrospect allows you to adapt to evolving market conditions, anticipate and overcome obstacles, and invest more profitably.

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