Our Mission

The company's purpose is to engage in the buying, selling, marketing and management of real estate investments with passion and technicalexcellence; to administer these activities with integrityand honesty; to consistently deliver the highest level of value and service to our buyers, sellers and business partners; and to achieve prosperity for the business, its owners, investors, and associates.

Our Value Proposition

You've heard that time is money? At ReQuest we know that some would-be investors simply lack the time needed to responsibly put their investments dollars to work. In other words, you don't have the time to make the money you desire. Even experienced investors rarely have enough ttime to maximize the potential of every deal that comes their way.

Its for these reasons, we've built a business around the concept of making the time you spend more profitable. Because we spend our time locating the deals, calculating the rehab estimates, identifying reliable contractors, arranging financing options, and analyzing potential returns from investment, your time is spent simply choosing from quality opportunities that make financial sense to you.

Anticipating set-backs and avoiding losses are just as important as recognizing opportunity for gain. And in real estate, there's a pitfall around every corner. What set ReQuest apart from the others is the unmatched level of experience we lend to each deal you undertake. Our experience works for you.

There's no seminar you can attend or any CD or DVD you can review that puts the power of first-hand experience to work for you. Whether its your first deal or just another one for the portfolio, what we've learned through hundreds of transactions becomes know-how at work, making the most of your investment dollar. Our investors are more successful because they avoid the traps we've prepared them to sidestep.

It's one thing to be presented with the right investment. But when opportunity knocks, do you hold the keys that will unlock the promise of success? For ReQuest, empowering our investors with the tools of the trade is not just a noble ideal. It's how we measure our effectiveness.

Whether we're leveraging our relationships with contractors to assure the most beneficial pricing for your rehab, or putting you in contact with private equity lenders that specialize in keeping our investors "in the money" with their acquisitions, our resources add value to your investment. Our collaborative efforts to open all the right doors for our investors provides an unparalleled level of service that instill confidence and builds trust.